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Free 4ft Reptile enclosure/tank, with divider

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4ft tank, 10mm glass, no lids, no stand.

Just a big heavy 4ft glass tank. Has an angled divider across the length to create a 'bank' of glass with rocks glued to it. Intended to be filled with gravel/sand on the back side and water on the front, for turtles, frogs, water dragons, etc.

Back side is drilled on the bottom with a drain so that any water in the rocks/sand can drain out of the bottom of the tank and not cause mold or bacteria buildup.

I'm out of town until Sunday, but I'm home in the evenings. Free to whomever can come get it and take it away! You will need two strong people to pick it up. =)

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Figured this was still suitable here simply because you could easily keep small fish in the front section with frogs in the main tank. =) That was actually my plan, either large green tree frogs or juvie water dragons, with small rainbows or just wild caught swordtails in the front. There's enough room to fit a small internal filter in the front half.

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