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my new F1 mpwibwe fronts (juvies) and some others

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so this tank has been about 5 months in the making, its the only tank i can have atm so i wanted it to be perfect. im pretty happy with how it is now :o

i got the mpwibwe around 2 weeks ago and they have settled in really well, very lively and eating like pigs :roll: .

they mpwibwe are around the 3-4 cm mark, they are growing pretty fast :esmile:

thanks to the member that helped me get them, thanks mate. im glad i waited haha.

i had the comps and calvus in for around 2 months they are pretty placid so they didn't mind meeting the new tank mates when they arrived.

im not that good with the camera but you get the idea, i used a panasonic Lumix.

so let me know what you think :ewink:

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