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S E Queensland aquarium society collecting trips for may

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This month the aandtsociety have been on several trips to collect our own marine aquarium species, but two were outstanding club trips to catch for our marine aquariums and than is our general appreciation of the magnificent areas we frequent in Queenslands south east.

One was a boat trip and three others were shore dive days out.

A couple of the guys while collecting got some pics of the life below as we swim along looking for that special something for our aquariums.

Heaps of what we get has been shared around other members as usual when there are so many different levels of experience and desired species for their tanks.

There was a trip to the spot where it is most likely we are the only ones that collect there because the huge latezonatus pairs at such a shallow reef come right up to you and show no fear and disappear like most latz a part from the other teeming life there.

There have been lots of tasty fish from combined spear fishing by a couple of us free divers and a scuba dive or two swim off while others do some free dive chasing.

Over all we achieve good times from our roughly two trips a month, also high levels of knowledge on the marine mechanisms and save heaps on the hobby as well.

There have been manta rays, leopard sharks, lots of turtles to help make these trips we have been having since the late 1920s absolutely excellent.

These are a couple of the many under water and over all trip pics for this month from our trip threads.



The trip home on one of the trips,lovely clear water.


A couple of the collected species.








Two of the club members chasing a fish.


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mthom211 is sought of right.

There are no permits for private collectors in Q,there are regs to ahere to though and the fines these days are quite large when you go against them for sure.

We have a huge thread with a how to web page,a very large where to web page and working out weather and all conditions as well for the ones not into clubs,its not in the very extensive club collecting section,its in the scuba,free diving,surfing water sports and marine life section.

Good luck with the collecting,the gold coast has some very cool collecting spots.

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