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FS - 6 ft tank + stand +lights + eheim 2217 + gravel $450

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Hey Guys and Girls, have the following for sale.

Please note: These items will not be available until 15 June, due to my absence with work commitments

Sale type: FS

Type: 6 ft tank + stand + lights + filter + gravel

Size: Measured 182cm L x 55cm H x 59cm D, back is painted black; front and sides have black perspex strips siliconed to give "framed" look. Overall height of tank on stand is about 1250mm (stand is about 720mm high)

Includes: Dalbarb 6ft strip light with 2 x Philips Aquarelle TL-D 30W tubes; Full glass lids (one has a broken corner and should be replaced); Black painted pine stand with 3 x front doors and 1 x door on each end (back is open); 35kg black gravel (container not included); Eheim 2217 classic canister filter including all seeded media, Eheim hoses, taps and fittings.

Pricing: $450 for the lot.

Reason for Sale: Downsizing to reclaim some living space. Keeping only my 8x2x2 tank.

Comments: Good solid tank, one front bracing strip has a star crack from a house move about 3 years ago, but structurally sound. All tank panels undamaged.

My Location: Currimundi, Sunshine Coast

Contact: Before 14 June, A/H 0438 166 269 only; (you can reply post or PM, but I won't be able to see it until 14 June). I will be contactable on the forum website today 30 May until midday only.

Delivery?: No. Pickup only sorry.

Shipping?: No. Pickup only sorry.

Other info: Please note I am going to Canberra this afternoon for work and will not be able to access the forum website until I get home on 14 June. I can be contacted A/H on 0438 166 269 if you need any further details.

I hope the attached images are sufficient.


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Thank-you to all who have expressed an interest in the tank and other items.

Please note that a deposit has been paid and the tank is now on hold for Dave, user "bisqotti", pending payment of the balance.

Cheers to all for your polite enquiries.

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Sold, paid in full and collected this morning.

Nice to meet you Dave. I hope you managed to get the tank home without any mishaps. I hope to see a few photos of it once you have it all set up.

Cheers and thanks again all for your interest in this item.

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