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Updating lighting on my existing tank.

Have three choices;

6 x T5HO 39W Aquathrive lighting system $240

4 x T5HO 39W Aquathrive lighting system $180

4 x T5HO 39W AquaNova lighting system $200

I am on a budget however can afford either three of them. I am wanting to grow a whole carpet of HC.

Tank dimensions are;

3 foot x 18 inches....and is 20 inches high.

Which would be the best lighting system. Has anyone ever used the brand Aquathrive? I am tempted to get the aquanova however the only issue is only 2 of the bulbs are white, the other two blue (which would need to be swapped over), where as with the aquathrive they are all white lights and chuck a few grolux bulbs in and yeah good as gold.

I do have c02 and liquid ferts too for the HC, and ADA substrate. Which one is best suitable?

The info for the aquathrive lights are below;

This 900mm (3ft) AquaThrive T5 High Output unit is designed for the serious fish keeper with 6 x 39W White (10,000K) Tubes. Looks great sitting on top of any tank

* Aluminium enclosure, strong and light weight, will not rust

* Ventilated ends to reduce internal heat

* T5-HO tubes included

* Will fit under most aquarium hoods

* Perspex splashback to protect unit and tubes in wet areas or on tanks with no lids

* Includes tank mountable stands

* Fully enclosed switches for added safety (plastic covers over switch and circuitry)

* Ballast, End Caps, Switches and Mains Plug (AS/NZS 3112) all meet Australian Standards



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please do explain fiik? I am basically aftersomething available in 3 weeks however as that is when new tank is being done.

Might just get 8 x t5HOs and get midday bulbs for them. Should work a treat. Might be overkill but HC will grow nuts! Would prefer metal halide, however funds do not permit.

Anyone ever grown HC? Under what light have you grown it?

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