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EOI: 3 Tier 6ft complete setup Just add water!

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Bought a 6ft setup from Tim a little while ago.

I am considering upgrading it to an 8ft setup if I can get the right money for this complete setup.. (same as the other 8ft setup I have at the moment)

Setup consists of:

3 Tier steel stand, stands 150cm tall I believe (stand only)

6x18x18 tank

6x18x20 tank

4x1x18 sump

Eheim 4000lph pump (much too powerful for the 2 tanks, would easily suit a 3rd tank if you have the height

All plumping (all tanks individually tapped) inc bulkheads

All Sump media, 8L matrix, 2kg Ceramic rings, 8kg aqua clay, 1L purigen, 30mm course sponge, 3inch layer of wool.

Black gravel substrate in one tank

Crushed coral substrate in the other

Foam under all tanks

Lids for all tanks

20mm foam lids to suit the sump (stops the heat coming out)

3x 150w Aquaone 1 heaters

Will not separate. The only thing I will keep is the pump if you don't want it.

Literally, add water and fish and you're good to go.

Can deliver for extra if needed.

PM me decent offers.

Located at Bray Park.

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Sorry for the delayed replys.

PM sent to all those keen and all PM's replied.

Will not just separate one tank sorry.

For the right price will include 2 2x1x1 tanks, all plumbed and ready to go aswell.

Will get some pics tonight for all those interested.

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