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Newest Family members.... L243's

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Hey guys,

decided to jump on the L number band wagon today and purchased 4 L243's Wormline Peckoltia, couldn't sex them the way the net described so i'm hoping i have at least 1 male & 1 female, but i was told it looked like 3 females, 1 male.

Have to set up a tank for them now :alien:


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The wormlines are really nice fish. Wish I still had my pair.

Just to clear things up, aren't L135 wormlines?

http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/sp ... ies_id=764

They aren't the easiest to breed. Larry Vines has some really interesting information regarding these and other catfish in his book 'Loricariidae: The Tricks of the Trade'




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Thanks guys.

Adam, not sure mate - i bought them as L243 and then i found a couple of sites referencing that they are Wormline's. Thanks for the links. :egrin:

I'll find my camera on the weekend and take some happy snaps and hopefully we'll come to the same agreement :lol: Bloody L's

There are more of these guys getting around so just keep your ears and eyes peeled 8O:lol:

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