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Aqua One Lights 3 foot

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Hey Guys and Girls, have the following for sale. Few pieces of driftwood need gone this week!!!

Sale type: WTS

Type: Driftwood Pieces

Quantity:Total of 2 AquaOne Twin T8 Light Unit (will be total of 4 x 30W)

Comes with 2 x UV lights, 1 X Grolux lights, 1 x Blue Light

Size: Made for a 3 foot tank.

Age: 9 months old

Pricing: $75 for both. ONO!!

Reason for Sale: New Iwagumi scape planned where t5HO is the bare minimum lighting required.

Comments: Had the lights for 9 months now. Bulbs in them should be 4 months old to 1 month old as some were replaced recently. There is a brand new bulb sitting there as well that you can have (UV light). There is a small crack in the acrylic on the end corner on one of the lights, which is minor and does not affect anything as it can be replaced for a few dollars if that! And there is a small dent on the top of the light (as shown in picture), it does not affect the performance of the light at all but is present on the top of the light.

There is a catch but. The person has to pick up in 3 weeks time at the maximum once discus and plants are all sold (so the sooner they are sold which is hoping to be in 3 weeks max! then the sooner the lights are available).

All four lights work perfectly, switches are in perfect order and are used in my tanks. Pics of lights in use are available in the tank thread section of everyones tanks and also in my discus tank thread in the photog section also.

Comes with original boxes, warranty papers, and also all papers that were in the box.




My Location: Gold Coast

Contact: PM

Delivery?: Yes at a cost of a petrol fee.



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