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ideas complete 2ft setup

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hey everyone im looking into going saltwater


im not rich

limited space

cant have a sump or cannister

I'm looking for a complete 2ft setup thats cubish looking and looks nice and display, anyone know where i can go about starting this up?

enough of that. ive heard from some that salt water tanks are a complete mission. althought i went to a lfs and have seen 2ft tanks with a few fish with just those corner sponge filters in them NOTHING ELSE 8O besides the hydrometer (or wateva its called) and lighting. ive read on other posts about other people not using protein skimmers, expensive lighting ect.

I just want a setup that can house probly 2-3 clowns and maybe one or 2 other things like a lion or an eel or something else thats brighty coloured, and possibly live rock and dead coral. would a 75-95L tank be ok?

Need all the help i can get, on anything and everthing about starting up a small salt water tank

pm me if need be

Thanks Luke

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That size tank would be fine for a couple of smaller, low aggresion clowns and maybe a dwarf Lion or a couple of damsels, I have done this successfully, never tried an eel though.... On my smaller setup i never run a protein skimmer and it was all good, just mae sure you cycle the tank properly and be aware in smaller tanks, if somtething goes wrong it goes wrong in a big way.......GL with it all.

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hey mate,

been there tried that, small saltwater tanks are just not worth it. to much maintence, to much money, your tank water quality can go from fine to horrific in a short period of time, and you can't really have any cool fish in there.

but that being said i used to have a 2Ft marine, i just kept inverts in there, had a sick as mantis shrimp at one stage - coolest thing EVER! used to spear those feeders good!

I just changed the water fully twice a week from water from the LFS, paid them a few $ a week and it saved me having to muck around with the water.

oh btw i wouldn't set up a marine tank without live rock. pretty much a must. (plus you get all sorts of neat inverts living in them - always something to watch)

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yeah pretty much not worth it

the cost vs. size of the tank is what makes it not worthwhile

sure it'll be slightly cheaper and smaller

your better off going a bigger tank due to problems

(yes been there and tried it as well)

there is a lot of info to read

try this site for a start if you still want to keep a small tank


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Just make sure none of those mantis shrimp are living in the live rock...can kill off a tank overnight bloody awful creatures lol...Have even heard of them cracking 6mm glass.

very good point i forgot to mention, if you want one then keep it on a tank on its own. and get the species with the spear appendages, its the club ones that break tanks. and cause the spear ones actually spear fish - which is pretty cool to watch.

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DEFINITELY no eel in a 2ft tank, try a 5ft or bigger if you want one.


I pair of clowns and another fish would be nice in there with a few bits of coral or something.

HO t5 lights are fine for most corals, dont get an anenome until youre very experienced with saltwater tanks and have researched them as they can wipeout your tank if they get hurt or die.


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just because a shop can make it happen... doesnt mean its very practicle at home.. remember they might be there 60 hours a week.. so they can maintain that tank every single day, if u were to have to do that then it might not be worth the hassle.

pm sent.

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Go for home made mate,both of these are completely home made,filter and tanks no need for a sump with a built onto tank bio area.

This one is 3 foot and three and half years old and no protein skimmer and no water changes with no substrate in tank and a sloping floor,dont go substrate in the tank if you want serious longevity.


This one was set up for 4 months before a display with a tiny on tank filter,no protein skimmer but it needs some water changes from the boat ramp.


There are so many ways to make and insure a very healthy and cheap hobby of this kind.

Good luck,these days you will need it.

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