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FS: 8x4' Pond (everything included/pond filter etc)

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Hey Guys,

Not sure if anybody is going to be interested in this or not but it needs to go so i thought i'd put it up.

Item: 8x4x2 timber Pond. Made from treated pine sleepers (very heavy)

It has a double layer of pond lining with Pine timber studs on top to finish it off. It has bamboo around the outside to pretty it up a little.

Included: Blagdon MPF4500 minipond filtration system. Google it if you wish, but essentially its a sump style filter but for outdoor use in a pond. It has a 12watt UV Sterilizer built in to help with algae (which works exceptionally well). You just need a powerhead for it (i can recommend one that costs about $30)

The filter is brilliant, that is all i have running and it keeps the water crystal clear all the time, i dont need to do any water changes, as it evaporates slowly and then rain tops it up. And you don't need to vacuum out junk as the algae on the sides/rocks breaks down all the dirt and so on. It will also come with a huge amount of elodea plant which grows really well in summer, it has a large root system in the sand atm so it will stay.

It has nearly 100kg of sand in the base which you can have with it. Depending on the fish you want all you need is an aerator and heater/s

Reason for sale: I now have a Tank the same size so no longer need this.

Price: $500 neg

It owes me just over $800, this includes all the build costs and the cost of the filter ($350~)

Its less then a year old so still in great condition (but its a pond, its not exactly going to get scratched and 'look bad')

It is quite heavy so if your interested, you'll need a trailor/large ute to move it and a few mates.


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Howdy :)

First of all - do you still have this pond?

Seccond - when u say a 'few mates' to lift etc are we talkin like 3 or 5 etc.......As i can get my hands on a car trailer that fully tilts.......

And not knowing how much space 100kg of sand takes up - roughly how many 10ltr buckets (example) would be required to store such sand?

Apart from all that im very interested :)



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Thanks for the pond dditt,

Was nice meeting you guys and.. Donut :lol:

Very nice 8x4x2 tank in the house!

Got it home safely, will let you's know when it's completely set-up with a few pics as well.


Thanks mate! nice meeting you too! thanks for the quick and easy transaction.

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