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For sale 2 x 4ft Hagen T5HO lights

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I am making the leap to LED lights and am looking sell my current setup of;

2 x Hagen 4ft dual tube T5HO lights

RRP = $230.0

2 x 6700K life glo bulbs at 54W

RRP = $33.0

2 x 18000K power glo bulbs at 54W

RRP = $50.0

These are a quality German product and the setup / tubes are less than 5 months old

http://www.hagen.com/uk/aquatic/glo/GLO ... og4_EN.cfm

http://www.hagen.com/uk/aquatic/glo/GLO ... og2_EN.cfm

i am looking for $195.0 for each setup or $380.0 for the two

that is nearly 1/2 price so grab them now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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