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EOI - - 8 x 2 x 2 complete setup for sale *****

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hey guys due to personal situations im looking at off loading my entire 8x2x2 setup.

included is my 8x2x2 tank

solid pine stand

2 x canister filters (unknown brand, Aqua one)

1 power head filter

2 x 4 ft twin tube lights (2 marine, 2 normal)

2x heaters

currently homes venustus, johanni, gourami, shark, crimson tides, fire blues, loaches, mainganoes, pleco.

also has several red rocks (one very big) several smoother rocks and 2 larges slimline looking ones

2 piece centre piece wood branches (brilliant one of a kind)

currently running sand bottom

plenty more aswell that ive prob missed.

looking for decent offers.

or perhaps a decent neat 4ft setup.

feel free to txt me on here or call me on 0433849311

im home pretty much constantly at the moment due to a footy injury.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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