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Here is some more to the list;

Amano Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp

Cardinal Shrimp

Chameleon Shrimp

Chrystal Red Shrimp

Darwin Red Nose Shrimp

Darwin Algae Shrimp

Glass/Ghost Shrimp

Ninja Shrimp

Queensland Zebra Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp

And a few different Tiger Shrimp species

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The only shrimp available in Aus that you will be able to get your hands on, to my knowledge are:

- crystal red shrimp and crystal black shrimp AKA bee shrimp

- QLD Zebra shrimp

- Chameleon Shrimp

- Red Nose shrimp

- Darwin Algae eating shrimp

- Riffle Shrimp

- Cherry Shrimp

- Glass shrimp

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Marine shrimp are fascinating creatures and I'll be having plenty in my new marine tank (woohoo should be delivered this weekend).

The popular ones at the LFS:

brine shrimp (food :bun: )

mysis shrimp (more food :candycane: )

mantis shrimp (the enemy, click click, wiped out a few of my fish :irked: )

peppermint shrimp (eats annoying aptasia :soppy: )

redline cleaner shrimp (cleans the fishes of parasites :worm: )

coral banded shrimp (pretty but not compatible with others :?: )

Anemone shrimp (hosts in Anemone just click clown fish :flower: )

white glove shrimp (cheap as chips, can sometimes clean fish, :o )

sexy shrimp (my favourite and so active :) )

hinge beak shrimp (can eat zoo corals :worry: )

blood shrimp (expensive but worth it :kiss: )

and of course many variations with cleaner, banded and anemone shrimp!

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