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hey guys just purchased a 6x2x2 display setup and was thinkin of sumping it and goin saltwater just wondering

how much liverock would i need b4 i can start puttin coral in and wat sorta light and powerheads/wavemakers would i need in my tank

your help and advice is greatly appreciated as i am inexperienced in salt water

cheers pete

oh yeah and do you need a heater for salt water???

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hey pete, lighting you will prob need coral blue t5 or t8s, metal halides and possible some normal t5 or t8s.

not sure what you mean by how muck live rock you need as you need to get base rock to build it up then liverock, which will have corals etc that will grow from it, but you can also buy corals to attach as well.

usually from most saltwater setups that i have seen they only have wavemakers in them, so with your sump, you would prob need a 5000lph wavemaker as I think it was 10x volume water movement for corals.

you will need a heater and a chiller for that much water especially if you have corals as tempreture control has to be spot on otherwise you will find yourself deeply out of pocket....

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You will need about 60kg of rock, about 40kg of base rock and 20kg of live rock. It all depends on how you want it to look. If you go to the MASA site and have a look at the classifieds there are always people breaking down there tanks and selling stuff of, this is a much cheaper way of doing it.

The lighting will be the BIG purchase for the tank, the new trend right now is LED's and if you want you can get them straight from China for 1/3 the cost of getting them from here. T8's just aren't powerful enough for a 6x2x2 tank to grow a lot of really nice corals and T5's you would need about 16 (2x8 Tubes). I suggest either MH or LED's. MH's go for at least 250 watt and 3 of them. This will allow you to grow just about everything and have an amazing tank with wow factor. The best advice i can give is get the best you can afford, again try ebay and the MASA site.

You will need a heater in the winter and a chiller in the peak of summer, but if it is the same room as an air conditioner should be OK. Ideally you should get one.

Sump pump should be about 4-6x volume an hour and power-heads should be 10x volume and above. Guppy's have cheap one's that have done me well till i can afford a couple of Vortex's. ($500 each)

Just some other pointers i would like to offer...

Get yourself good test kits

When cycling don't worry about all the algae it comes then it goes.

Get the biggest sump that can fit.

Get a 1000lt container for you water and get it delivered (around $100), saves a lot of time and effort.

Be patient, all good things come to those who wait.

Get a skimmer twice the volume size of your tank.

Don't get sucked in to buying all sorts of chemicals and stuff you don't need, ask on the forums first.

Don't be afraid to ask anything, there is no such thing as a dumb question, they are just the easiest to answer.

Get an RO unit for water topups.

Keep up the maintenance, like water changes etc..

Don't be put of by the expense, all good things cost a lot of money at the start then after that it is only maintenance. A bit like marriage. :)

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