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African arowana (Heterotis niloticus)

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There are a few people who claim they are here, but not one person has shown proof in the way of photos.

Did my arowana suggestion pull a few strings between your ears?

haha..It gave me more reason but I have been contemplating it for a while. I've had a hard time deciding on what type though. At this stage I am thinking a silver but an afro would be something different!

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Go with the silver, firstly because it is more readily available and cheap, and secondly, it is large and isn't aggressive, therefore won't provoke your large cichlids.

Not too sure about not aggressive.

Being fed on live food all the time and kept with smaller fish than it self, will well be very aggressive.

Wake up the next morning with small fish being eaten up :lol:

And as for the African Aro, never seen one in Aus my life.

Personally, I like the Silver Aro a lot more... Due to having bigger scales and larger barbels.

The African looks like a mix of the Leichardti and Jardini :lol:

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