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everything must go

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* this will be posted in both sections*

Tank: 6x18x18 and stand - ed tank never had a problem with it!

6 foot Delbarb Light

2028 Ehiem Thermofilter

2259 powerline ehiem filter + spare filter pads as well

2x large boxes of spare parts, filter pads ( wool white, blue course, black carbon), ph tester ,food


3x f1 yellow Kavala Frontosa aprox 20+cm

1x Male White calvus 8cmish

6+ Gold Comps from 5 too 9 cm ( males and females - there is one pair in there)

1x pep bristlenose 8cmish

couple Normal B/nose

1x Sunspot Brevis Male

things i will sell seperatly are as follows:

0ne x 2x12x15 tank and lids

3x 150 watt ehiem heaters

1x 300 watt ehiem heater

4ft delbarb light

Large Brineshrimp hatcher + bag of salt ( was made by a guy i worked with works a treat i was (at the height of breeding) feeding 14-16 tanks of fry and shellies of this one hatcher a day

Pm me your offers i would like the tank to go in one hit but you maybe able to change my mind!

Money is tight for alot of us thats why i have asked for offers!!!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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