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FS 6x2x2 inc Sump, 2 x Eheim Canisters, Lights, Cabinet

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Hi All,

Very regrettably i am offering up for sale my 72 x 24 x 24, Complete with fish, as you can see by the pictures it comes with the cabinet


The cabinet measures 73 x 24 x 32 and Sump measures 36 x 15 x 18



The Sump runs on a one pump system, which is an Aquaclear 110, this pump can filter up to 3000 litres per hour.

I also use an Eheim 2217 Canister Filter as back up, and i also have a Eheim 2213 Canister which i use as a secondary back up and also use it to vacuum the substrate.

I have one Jager/Eheim 300w heater which sits neatly in the weir


Lighting consists of a light box which holds 2 x 4' Power Glo tubes & 2 x 2' Power Glo tubes.

The sump contains roughly 50kg of Shellgrit, large quantity of ceramic rings & also Siporax - Sintered glass rings.

In the tank i have 4 x pieces of Driftwood, 1 x large piece, 2 x medium pieces that are hollow trunks, & 1 x smaller piece that has Anubia growing on it. Also a selection of some Granite. The substrate is a mix of fine black pebbles mixed with plant fertiliser.




I have about 15 x Neons, 6 x Red Platties 4m 2f, 6 x Guppies 3m 3f, 1 Pair of Cherry Barbs, 2 x Bristlenose Cats, 1 x Red Tailed Black Shark & 1 x Mystery Snail.

Assorted Plants, as can be seen in the pictures.

Sera Test Kits, PH, Nitrates & Nitrites. Plus 1 Ammonia test kit, not sure of the make!!!

Also included is Dechlorinator, Plant Fertiliser, Tetra Colour Flake, Tetra Colour Granules, 2 plus one opened packs of frozen Bloodworms.

An assortment of nets, in different sizes.

Will NOT deliver, and you must bring help with you, plus either a Ute, Truck or Trailer.

As you will appreciate, this is a complete set up, and ready to run. It is still running , and will be until sold.

Any question please ask, and i will get back to you promptly.

Asking for $1,200.00 ONO

Location is North Lakes, about 30k's north of Brissy CBD.


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