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FS: 3 Foot Display Quality Set-up, Complete with FISH

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Hey guys, I'm selling my 3foot tank set-up, complete with everything. So I can make room for a ray tank that I'm planning to setup sometime soon/near future.

Well here are the details, and the list of things included;

9x ..Gold Saum's (Green terror) (12-16cm, unknown sexes, nice colors on them, eating healthily) viewtopic.php?f=10&t=28630

1x ..3ft L x 15in W x 18in H Tank (6mm thickness)

1x ..3ft x 15in Pine (Raw) Stand (2 months old)

1x ..Canister filter; Aqua One Aquis 1000 (About 2-3 months old)

1x ..Internal filter; FLUVAL 2Plus

1x ..AquaLina 4 Foot light (includes standard fluro white tube) (Light set is about 1 month old)

1x ..150W AquaWorld Heater

1x ..Air pump (1 outlet)

1x ..Long air stone piece (with tubing)

2x ..Flower pots, used as ornaments

1x ..Aqua One Magnet glass cleaner

1x ..3ft x 18in Double sided background (Black/blue)

1x ..3ft x 15in Foam underlay piece

Tank set-up is in great condition, comes with all lids, about 20kg's of 7mm Bryon Bay Pebbles, 5kg's of white gravel, canister filter comes with everything complete (media, hoses, piping, suction caps etc.), internal filter includes everything also.

Chasing $300 FIRM, cheap as chips, considering this set-up costed me over $500 including the fish etc. And most of the stuff is pretty much new. So you have a bargain here. ;)

Pick-up only, can see the set-up, up and running and in working order before any purchase is made.

Note: The 2 Gold Severum's in the picture are included.

PM me if you're interested guys, not really in a hurry to sell or anything, am happy to shift the tank somewhere else.



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