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Newbies Craig and Kristy

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Hello all, we finally have gotten around to saying hello to everybody on here.

We have purchased some great fish from this forum and have also met so nice people.

We have kept discus, rainbows, chiclids and various tropicals in the past

At the moment we have a saratoga leichardti, a 5yo chocolate pleco and a collection of small plecs gold spots, gibbies, albino gibbies etc.

I know its a bit early but in Dec we are recieving our first saratoga leichardti fingerlings for the upcomming seasons, so if anybody is interested just drop us a line, we will post a FS add when the time is near however.

Cheers everybody we hope to meet, buy, sell and trade with many more of you in the future.

Craig & Kristy

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