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FS: 3ft x 15'' Stand, Eheim 2213, Ornaments and Light Tubes

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Hey guys,

Selling a few stuff that I no longer need, or have no use for anymore.

These were used for one of my recent 3ft tank set-ups, but then 3 weeks after purchasing the set-up, I then used the tank and turned it into a Sump for my 6ft :)


- 3ft x 15in Pine (Raw) Wood Stand (1 Month old, used for 3 weeks)

- EHEIM 2213 Canister Filter (Runs perfectly, 1 Month old, also used for 3 weeks comes with EVERYTHING including box etc. will try to find the receipt for warranty)

- Bunch of random ornaments including; 2x Air bubble ornaments (aeroplane and opening shell), 2x Coral pieces (fake), 2x Shipwrecks, a shell, large piece of fake wood (with holes on the side, plants etc.)

- 1x 2ft Light tube (Unused, bought it 2 months ago, but didn't fit my light and didn't bother returning it)

- 1x 1.5ft Light tube (Unused)


- Stand = $50

- Eheim = $80

- Ornaments = $30

- Both tubes = $5

Or take the lot for $150

Pick-up only



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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