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fs fish tank ornaments

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hi we have 2 fish tank ornaments for sale:

one is a boat measuring 460mm long x 200mm high x 140mm wide

it is made out of hard resin it has 3 large holes

the other one is a cluster of shells it measures 150mm long x 200mm high x 120mm wide

it is made out of hard resin is hollow inside and many holes for small fish

asking for $20 for both

also we have a bucket of mixed gravel that is free if you buy the 2 ornaments there is enough gravel to do a 4x15 tank

please call us on 0415799864

cheers Neville and Paula

boat 1.JPG[/attachment:341smpxz]

boat 2.JPG[/attachment:341smpxz]

shell cluster 1.JPG[/attachment:341smpxz]

shell cluster 2.JPG[/attachment:341smpxz]


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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