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Ista c02 cylinder from Guppies Aquarium Products Online

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Hi all,

Has anybody bought the Ista C02 cylinder (1L etc) from Guppies Aquarium?

I am wondering if they comply with Australian standards (only says BOC connector compliance) and therefore will be able to be filled legally by a gas supplier. I have tried to email Guppies before but they don't respond. I was happy with their delivery speed and products etc but they are not so responsive on the communication.

The link for the product in question is found here (hope this is within forum rules to link - if not I will edit it out):

http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.a ... _1306.html

If anyone could give me feedback on their experience with ISTA pressurized c02 systems it would be greatly appreciated.


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Well because they are always so busy they do not respond with a great deal of a response to your emails but keep at it maybe try by sending another one mate, and he does reply I have been getting responses for substrates pretty quick so keep at it mate.

As to the bottle I am unsure myself just saw the price and god damn that is cheap!!!

I just ordered my bottle here;

http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au/categ ... Cylinders/

You do get what you pay for as I have found out with dealing with c02 products. That meets all standards and is australian certified and is a known quality product used within the aquascaping hobby here in Australia. His products are best possible products, just ordered lillypipes and diffuser and many other c02 gear and his products and customer service and OUTSTANDING!! However bang for buck you cannot go past that buy you found.

This post is not used to cause any trouble with site sponsors either so if it does not comply please do delete as I do not mean any harm by my post. Just figured if online shops are already mentioned in this and most of the site sponsors not selling specialised c02 bottles, then could post up this link as a link was already present for another online store.



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if u cant find any adapters boc gas can always

revalve the cylinder with one of theres.

valves are different due to different sized cylinders

and also gas types.if the valve isnt the same as

the ones in aust. maybe hard to getting someone who

can fill it for u.



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