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my new 6ft setup is done

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hi everyone well i have finally completed my 6ft :D

i built the stand and hood from scratch and spayed it with clear gloss estapole varnish,

all i have to do is finish setting up the canister filter and then put the hood on but i am having a couple of probs with the filter

so here are some pics well i hope they work havent posted pics before :lol:








well i hope they worked if they didnt please let me know what i am doing wrong :lol::lol:

c ya mark

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hi folks

lots have looked at this post but only mick has replied i would really like some feedback good or bad . i was hoping to get some better ideas as to how it might look better .

i dont mind if you dont like it as everyone has there own opinions but tell me what you like or dont like and what you would do to make it look better .

i was really hoping to get some good feed back so please get me some opinions and thoughts

thanks mark :D

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looking good i reckon. the substrate seems to be pretty deep for an unplanted tank though... i've read that if its too deep for the fish to sift it can lead to bad bacteria forming unless cleaned regularly.

is the yellowishness from the light or from the driftwood?

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hi peter

thanks i have

malawii butterflies

electric blues


lithabates {sulfacrested}




gold placo



tangerine zeb

and a couple i am not sure of i think they are



and i think that is all but not sure :lol::lol::lol:

hopefully i still have a couple more to come

just waiting for them to become available :lol::lol:

hope that helps peter

cheers mark

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hi demOn

thanks or the comments

well it is a bit yellow in the pics but not as bad in real life but yes it is abit from drift a bit from light and a bit from cammera that makes the pics look yellowish

but mostly the cam and light

thanks mark

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Hey, thanx for the pm, here is some info you might find helpfull...

Fluorescent Lamps - this article is pretty old but you get the idea. If you can't find a wholesaler, pretty much any shop that sells lighting can get these.

Light colour is mesured in degrees kelvin (K)

Most lamps up to 5,000 K usualy give of a orangish, yellowish or even greenish light.

Daylight (around 6,500 K) lamps usualy give off a very bright, slightly off white light.

10,000 K lamps are not as bright but they're usualy a much crisper, cleaner white.

Actinic lamps are a dull blue but will highlight flurecent colours on your fish. (watch the size, some are T12s).

How you combine them is a personal preference. This article may help you decide on kelvin ratings, actinics, ect: 250 watt SE MH lamps compared - as you can see there is a big difference between manufacturers.


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nice tank, stand and hood. im just wondering how you made your stand and hood and if it was very hard? what were the expenses and did u do anything special to it to make it more sturdy than others?

thanks alot, Spits

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nice tank and stand and hood coryfan

and spits i am about to start to do next stand which is a 4ft but doing it the same way so if you want you can give me a call and i can show and tell you what you need to do it is not all that hard to build them strong and stable and a lot cheaper to :D:D

pm me or call me on 0405759941 for more info

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