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Whitespot - How much salt?

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We have just notice fish in our tank have whitespot. We are going to up the temp and add salt as this seems to work other people. Just not sure on how much.

We have a 4x2x2 with the following fish:

2 peacocks

2 elec blue

1 afra

1 featherfin cat

1 gibby 15cm

1 common pleco 15cm

12 albino BN

Any help would be great thanks.

Carl & Jenny

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Hi Carl and Jenny

I added 1kg per 300l in my system with no probs at all, I have similar fish and the only 1 I lost was a pep but it had whitespot bad!!! U have about 400l so about 1.3kg

I also dosed with whitespot remidy at the same time, worked very well, just make sure u follow instructions on bottle.


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I was foolish enough to use a salt cure in conjunction with a white spot treatment. My advice is to use one or the other as oxygen becomes very depleted with a commercial treatment. Always ensure you have suffient aeration. I found the salt treatment is very good and more 'natural' than other steps. Just my experience. Just keep the salt levels up for a few days even after the white spots disappear. Good luck.



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I came across this dilemma not that long ago, i tryed the salt treatment it does work but depending on how long these guys have had it for depends i feel on the treatment. My electric blues had it bad, i used Wardleys "ICKAWAY", great stuff one treatment gets rid of it and is quite good on price.

As long as the product contains melachite green it should work.Ofcourse the natural way is far better for the fish and really good when you first spot it.

Just when you use things with that in it remove the carbon from ya filter, and do regular water changes.

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