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Dacron/Wadding F/S Gold Coast/ Brisbane ONLY

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HI Guys. Have some bags of Dacron for sale. This is 20gram and is great for mechanical filtering and water polishing. Buying it in volumes allows you to just throw it every 1 -2 weeks.

Looking at 4.5 sqmtrs for $20 ( 1.5mtrs wide x 3mtrs )

At this price you can afford to throw it!

I also have bags of Imperial fill. These are 1 KG bags and is like filter wool. Great to pack around water overflows ect where splashing or salt creep can be an issue.

These are $20 for 1kg.

Picture of a 1 KG lose fill fibre:


Sample Picture of Dacron


Unfortunatley, ATM I am unable to post as they are bulky and it is expensive. If I find a way to post at a reasonable price I will let you know.

PM or Text me on 0417 793313

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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