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Mixing Fish Advice Please

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Hi everyone,

My moto when it comes to questions is that there are no silly questions.....right???

Well, I have a dilemma. My guppies have just started having babies - Yay for my free oscar food...but, the angels have very big apetites.

There are 2 Angels which are young but growing well - no wonder why.

I can if i really really need to, set up another tank for the Angels but before i do that I wonder if I can save the extra expense and work of maintaining another tank by putting my angels in with my Oscar.

Now with my Oscar I have 3 Silver Dollars, 2 Clown Loaches and 1 sail fin Pleco. I have never seen him attack any of the other fish but introducing new ones can change the dinamics. They are all in a 4ft tank soon to be moving house into a 6ft tank (as soon as I fix the leak and tidy up the stand and hood) in a matter of weeks - ok a month.

Has anyone done this before successfully? I'm running out of guppies as we speak.

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