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Tropheus + Fry and Ventralis

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Here's some new pictures after rescaping the tank, I removed a ton of rock since I sold the leleupi I had

They were chasing the fry so that's why I had a lot of rock but now that they're gone the tank is much more open and I think it looks better now

Looks less cluttered and packed together, and I think the fish prefer the open swimming space

Theres 9 O.Ventralis

11 Tropheus Bemba Orange

and around 15 of their fry

The tank is 200cm long, 48cm wide and 58cm high (lol odd size)

I have been thinking of adding maybe a peaceful sand sifter but I'll see how I go

I do have a new tank which I bought from Goat (aka Tom)

It's 4' x 2.5 'x 2', No idea what to keep in it yet, Kendalli, Trigs, Occies, Paracyps... sticking with Tangs

I do want a mixture that will breed in the same tank, be peaceful with each other and occupy different places within the tank, suggestions?

Oh and rare :P









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