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Large Fishroom For Sale

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Hi, I am selling most of my fish room,

There are the following for sale.

72 x 4ftx15'x18' tanks on stands. [200 litres each] all drilled, plumbed and on timber stands.

30 x 3ftx2ftx14' tanks on timber stand. [200 litres each] all drilled, plumbed and on timber stands.

11 x 3ftx30' tanks split into 3 [33 tanks in all, hole drilled between each] great for fry or smaller sp' or bristlnose etc. on timber stand, drilled and plumbed.

Also large sump filter with pumps, u.v's bio balls etc.etc.

Setup was on hold, but buyer didn't have the room or money.[ time waster] :evil: I am willing to seperate the banks of tanks. The whole lot can be purchased for only $10K. For more info or photos contact me at, cichliddavid@bigpond.com

This room has breed thousands of fish over the last 5 years, but I have bought a new buisness, so room has to go. :( . The room holds over 23,000 litres. Would be ideal for large breeder or someone seting up a shop.

Cheers, David.

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David is in Lismore, Brad. I can vouch for his setup, I have known him for quite a while. He is fussy with both the quality of his fish and his fishroom. It is a very nice setup in good condition and well worth a look for anybody wanting to set up a serious fishroom.

Cheers, Doug

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