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API reliability

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Would welcome your views on API test kits.

Tested for Nitrates this morning and got 20ppm with a kit that I bought 9 months ago. Tested again with a new kit and got 5ppm.

This to a queery from another person a while ago from API: "Thank you very much for contacting us regarding our products. All of

your comments and questions are valuable. We use your feedback to

create the most effective line of aquarium and pond products available.

Your solutions are not expired. Each reagent bottle has a Lot # printed

on the bottle. The last four digits are the month and year of

manufacture. Example: Lot # 28A0102. This is a pH reagent manufactured

in January of 2002. Pond Care Wide Range pH, ammonia, High Range pH,

Nitrate, phosphate, Copper, calcium and GH all last for three years.

nitrite and KH will last for four years. Freshwater pH(low range) and

Pond Care Salt Level will last for five years. I would not trust these

kits after they have expired.

Liquid Nitrate Test Kits from any manufacturer can have a common problem

with their last test solution. For some companies, it is bottle number

3, but for us it is bottle number 2. One of the ingredients wants to

solidify out of liquid solution. If the test bottle sits for any period

of time, this can happen. If this does happen and the test is performed

without Bottle # 2 mixed properly, then you can get a falsely low

reading. I have never heard of falsely high readings with Nitrate Kits.

I would try tapping your Bottle # 2 a few times on a table or counter

top. This should loosen-up anything that has solidified. Then I would

shake this bottle for about 2-3 minutes, to really mix it up. Try the

test again and hopefully this will fix your problem. With regular weekly

usage, this bottle should only need to be shaken for 30-60 seconds.

Now if the older kit had solidified, as they sometimes do, thereby weakening the solution (drips) the older kit should have given me a lower reading not vice versa? :?


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Kev I had the same issue with the same kit and found that the older kit was giving me false nitrate readings.

Seems to be a good sign that its time to upgrade kits !!


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