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CADE 3' Tank & Cabinet - New Setup

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Hi everyone, thought I'd throw up a couple of pics of my new 3' Cade Tank & Cabinet that was put together last weekend (hence the water is still cloudy).

The cabinet is constructed of aluminium & glass & the tanks themselves are a work of art, not dissimilar to ADA's, but a fraction of the cost & available in Australia.

Obviously the plants have a heap of growing out to do, but plants are HC, HM, various mosses, Lotus, Blyxa, Indian Lace, Val "something" Creek, couple of ab fab swords & anubias and some stunning Bolbitis that appeared in this year's Ecca (thanks BrianS). Thanks Jeff from Liverpool, Matty & Timmy for plants too. Hardscape bits from Jodi-Lea at Fishchick's.

Filtration is an Eheim 2217, will have glass lily pipes, UP Aqua Inline Co2 Atomiser, Hydor Inline heater, Red Sea Substrate Heater, 2.6L Co2 Cylinder, Weipro PH Controller.

Fish will be Neon Blue Rams, GBR's, Balloon Gold Rams, Fancy Guppies, 1 x Betta Boy, 2 x Royal Whiptails & some Rummy Nose.






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