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opinions sought on best fish for aquaponics

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I'm keen to set up a 500l (later upgrade to IBC) tub in the center of my aquaponics setup (new project to start soon).

I am trying to work out what is the ideal fish stock to stock.

I'm not a fan of fish with strong fishy taste. I like trout and love crayfish.

However I'm just at research stage of what fish meet these requirements:

* pleasant table food (ideally cooked asian style or bbq)

* rapid growth rates

* will not be canabals and eat new fingerlings I add to ensure continuous supply :)

Current thinking Murray Cod, Trout or Red Claws.

If anyone has experience in this I welcome your input :)

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I would think some wire mess would be the go to ensure no escapes or bird pluckings :)

Was thinking of using the bunning's 500l tubs and cutting hole in top lid then applying mess - so I can see them when needed and feed easier.

Still just researching on the fish/cray side and haven't figured it out.

$150 for the setup...which I'm happy knowing the cost of the pipes, clayballs, 2 pumps....would be well over if brought new.

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Crays will need a large foot print, and they like to fight....alot!

Murray cod are used alot in aquaponics. But water quality needs to be very good.

Nothing to say you can't use your tank for something that you can make money off instead of eating.

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Pretty much same conclusion I've come up with after a bit more research.

Would love the Murray or Sleepy Cod...but too iffy in density and eating fingerlings.

Silver or Jade Perch are the go.

Got a special atm on 10cm Silver Perch that sounds interesting.....just what to do with 40 of them !

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ok lol, I remember we went to some asian resterant and my dad asked the people if they te them but they told us they were to bony. Over summer you could try some peacocks to sell. Frontosa had OB peacocks he grew in tubs that looked about a foot long.

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Feedback from Seqfish (supplier for dams):

I would not recommend either of the cod as one is cannibalistic and the other is slow growing.

Silver Perch or Jade Perch would be my suggestions. Jades grow quicker but as they are a tropical species they can suffer from issues throughout winter.

Silvers are as hardy as fish come, but can take several seasons to grow to a table size. They are near indestructable though.

So Silver Perch it is I guess :)

Though I am currently experimenting with yabbies...put some feeders in a tub and without oxygen/water pump, sitting in sun, so temperature variance is up/down too....they survived 1 week.

From feeder size to blue nearly 3 inches.

Tough buggers and fast growth....yummy.

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Currently consider 2 IBCs, one for red claws and one for perch. Each would feed it's own hydroponic system.

Avoid bacterial/pest issues from mixing on one system.

Also gives me room to make one more suited to flood/drain trays, other running continuously as NFT.

Red claws don't like strong flow. Whereas it might be better for the fish one to have current.

A red claw supplier sent me this advice:

" You should be able to stock them for such a purpose – stocking rate - good rule of thumb for stocking density is for every 10 kgs of crayfish you have 1000 litres of water . Use netting in your ponds to give them habitat and to allow them to use the entire water column. Over stocked tanks and ponds will lead to poor growth rates irrespective of quality genetics and good water quality. obviously some form of aeration and a biological filter will be necessary in the stocking ponds as well. "

PS. 100g cray is edible, so I could stock 100 adults in the IBC (or a range of sizes is my intention, with 20 brooding stock).

Haven't determined number of perch per IBC ?

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