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3 footer, 910T setup

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Hey Guys,

just wanted to share my latest setup in an aqua one 910T purchased from JGilkes about a month ago

took a couple of days to get the log to sink and i still have it weighed down with a couple of rocks... will remove them soon

thinking it is going to be mostly an discus tank with a few apisto's to inhabit the bottom.

the container up in the top right is currently holding some HC which i will grow on the front right of tank when it grows a bit ( am trying to get it growing was almost dead when i got it )

current plants are

Val in front of filter intake

Dwarf Chainsword front left

java fern Middle bottom ( attached to a piece of wood )

Anubis top middle

rotala and myoca spread front right but have moved them now to between two rocks on right

and branching Val back right

my biggest issue is i have have 3 breeding bristlenose somewhere in the log.... the thing is riddled with holes so rarely see them am catching them as i do and moving them to another tank... took me 2 days to get two of them though lol

any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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nice tank man looks quite natural

discus would be nice:)

goodluck catching the bristlenose...so fast

and goodluck growing the HC..i have had much trouble with it

heard many ppl use CO2 to keep it growing and alive



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thanks guys,

yeah i'm rather impatient and i want the plants to have already filled the tank out lol.

you should see my lil 1.5 footer that i was using as a holding tank for the plants,all that is left is one anubius on DW. I almost feel sorry for the tetras in there lol.

was looking at it again just before and i think if the HC manages to live i'll move the chainsword from the left over to the right and plant the HC on the slope were the little lava rock is. dunno i have a bit of time to ponder it i guess lol

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Very nice set up, I like the AquaOnes too. You must post more pics how you changed it.


We set one up 2 days ago for tropicals, will try to catch our corys from another tank to put into the new one... haha

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