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Pulu Pts and Red Zebs ???

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What's the difference Pseudotropheus "Pulu Point" and Red Zebras (Metriaclima estherae "Minos Reef") ?

I see people advertise "Pulu Pts" all the time - are they the one and same variety of fish? Or am I confused.

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different lol mostly in behaviour

I also might add, people often class completely different species as the same thing ex.

Pundamilia SP. Crimson tide



Zebra Obliquidens- Astatotilapia latifasciata


Both of which are being referred to as Crimson tide and are blatantly different.It leads to a confusion of what one is actually buying and is a pain in the ass lol And also Kribensis and rock Kribensis which are also completely different in species and looks.

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Well thats a damn fine question you bring up there Brad.

I have been asking the same question for some time,without finding a logical answer.

I asked Mr Konnings that very same question at that talk the other week.

I thought perhaps "pulu point" was a particular location of the lake.

He had never heard of "pulu point" - only "bulu point" :roll:

He seemed to think that someone along the line had invented the name somehow - similar to the zillion other common names that are given to all different species of fish.

There are some poor examples of red zebs out there - real pale orange.

I prefer to think of the "pulu point" as the nice bright deep orange.

But perhaps a forum member could shed some more light ????

my understanding of a pulu point

click for image

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That’s interesting your conversation with Ad Konings, Darren. One of the reasons I raised this question was Pulu Point isn’t in Ad’s “Back to Nature Guide to Malawi Cichlids", not even on the map of the Lake.

I did the Google thing and found a couple of forums (mostly Australian interestingly), that had discussions on this very same question. The general consensus seemed to be that Psuedotropheus “Pulu Pt” was an aquarium linebreed variety and the Metriaclima estherae "Minos Reef" is the actual species that comes from the Lake itself, which can be found in Ad Konings book.

What’s also interesting is the cichlid-forum species article on Metriaclima estherae discusses “Red Zebra” as follows:

“ The "Red Zebra" first appeared in the Aquarium Hobby in the fall of 1973, and commanded a pretty heft price due to its brilliant colouration. At some point in the mid 70's, a few "Red/Orange" males were imported, and these were used as the foundation breeding stock, whereby they were line bred to produce only these "Red/Orange" males.”

That article here: http://cichlid-forum.com/articles/met_estherae.php It talks about the American experience but I’m guessing what we know as Red Zebras here in Australia are a similar line breed variety also - but along the same thing as Electric yellows in that some breeders in Australia have bred only the most yellow examples they have, to get a more consistent all-yellow fish.

So the Red Zebs here in Oz are still Minos Reef, but just bred to a more consistent orange/red (??)

Still doesn't answer the question fully, but I’m sure Ad Konings would have been interested to find out about our “Pulu Points”!

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but ROO,

if you look closely at all the fish you have put piccies up of they all have different shaped heads /colour in their fins to tell them apart. with the piccie that BRENINOZ has put up of a Pundamilia SP. Crimson tide v Zebra Obliquidens- Astatotilapia latifasciata , i believe the first fish to be a flameback nerli ilsand(spelling ) not a Astatotilapia latifasciata .

just my opion anyway.

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