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User Groups !! ? (mods)

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hi all,

Have a question about user groups in UCP...

i had thought about this awhile back but never crossed my mind again until today..

saw this thread viewtopic.php?f=18&p=201572#p201572

Question is about using the user groups to members advantage..

my understanding is that we are placed in these basic groups as per mods desire..

Are we able to create our own groups to add members in : ie Location ..or stock ??

whether members can see any main benefits of this is up to them..

I would just like to understand it and see if can be useful..

ta Luke

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Hey Luke,

My thoughts are this would add another level of management and complexity to the site creating more work for the Admin and Mods.

I find using the the friend and foe option in the user control panel enables me to discuss items and issues with people of common interest.

Adding groups I think would create silo's and would remove the diversity of being able to mix with all individuals in order to obtain different views and experiences.


Stoppy :)

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Hey, I posted the other thread.

I think it would be so much easier to have the groups.

But I also agree that not having them brings everyone in the site together and you find things you wouldn't have found before...

It would just be so good to get through to only the people in your own area sometimes. That's why I started that thread,

Chels :)

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Thanks Chels for getting the ball rolling,

Its probably not a bad idea, ill investigate the logistics of it, perhaps we can have another section with subregions, and you apply to be added to your region,

Only problem would be the admin side of it (assuming you wanted to keep people out of other regions), or we could just sub it up and free for all.

However I do think it would take away from some other sections, ill see what I can find, perhaps just a filter on the trader for your region or what not would be a good start.


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