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Penn-plax Canister filter

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Hi All,

I'm only new around here. Thanks for the endless supply of information. I have wasted many hours searching for everything i need to know.

I'm picking up a 6x2x2 on Saturday to replace my 3x1.5x1.5

My question is,

I'm receiving a brand new Penn-Plax Cascade 1200 for free off a customer of mine. specs say for tanks up to 600L.

My tank measures about 650L empty. so once i allow for substrate and rock etc, will this be enough?

Should i try talk him into giving me the 1500 instead? its for tanks up to 750L. i dont know how much luck i will have, i might have to give him some more shelves.

I have used a cascade 700 for a few years on my 3 ft tank and it seams to do a pretty good job.

Or should i ditch this idea altogether and make a sump?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Josh,

IMO sumps are the go if ya got the time money and patience, nothing wrong with canisters, however, I feel the one you are talking about will be to small, personally i would go the next size up from the larger one your talking about, or Fluval FX5 or similar.

General rule, you cant have to much filtration. HTH


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Ill see what he can do for me. If he doesn't have the fx5 or something bigger could 2 of those filters work?

Most probably Josh, may not be a bad idea to have two filters so you can clean one out at a time, still got bio media if one breaks down etc,

But generally speaking, the bigger fluvals, eheims, etc are very reliable and would probably do a better job.

Six of one, halve dozen ot the other ? Im not sure

Maybe some one else with some experience in that area will chime in.



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