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my tank wont clear

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iv got a 4ft tank iv put bunnings play sand into that i washed for ages before it went into teh tank. but it wont clear up idk if its from that or soemthign else. all thats in the tank is driftwood an sand. iv had a ehiem 2217 running on it for 10 days an its not clearing up. wood doing a few water changes help at all

cheers preston

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Hi Presto,

If it is a new setup, you can quite often get a cloudy water phenomenon in the early stages. If it is the standard type bloom it will usually clear itself up with time.

I am away at work atm so can't access all the areas i want, so can't put links etc in for you. Hopefully someone else can give you some tips in the mean time.

Don't worry, it is quite common in new tanks.


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Hey mate,

I had the same problem after adding play sand to my tank, although I must admit I didn't wash it very thoroughly.

See here for photos: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=31189&hilit=cloudy+water+sand

My problem was I had fish in there at the time, but I had to do a lot of water changes to improve the quality within 4 days. My first water change was around 500 litres, with not much improvement. I waterchanged with aged water every day and finally it started to come good.

I have 2 biggish canisters with a heap of wool in them which helped a bit.

Wouldn't worry about it too much, just water change as much as possible, the more particles you take out, the less work your canister has to do and the less it settles on the bottom, only to be stirred up again during tank maintainance.

Good luck! Chuck a photo up if you can!

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