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My 3ft build

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Friend of mine picked up this 3fter for me with a stand for $50 and threw in a few things for me.

This is my first tank and copious amounts of research has be done, feeling like an encyclopaedia

of fish facts lately haha. At the moment i've got a couple of Shubs in there till its cycled.

Stocking will go something like pair/trio of rams, 15 tetra's or so and 10 Corys.

C & C welcome

Progressive pictures over the last week






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Hey, Nice to see another Sunny-coaster.

Nice tank! I like the scape, going to look good with a few apistos.

Maybe add a few rummy nose tetras? or similar.

The tank will really come together once the plants grow a bit, but i would move the plant on the very far right to the left to hide the filter and "balance" the aquascape :D

A nice cory is the "julii" or "sterbai" i think its called, also a peppermint BN or two would look great! haha

What are you going to do with the shubs when the tank is cycled, theyre nice little fish haha :P


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Cheers guys,

Yeah I might throw in a few Rummynose's once ive had 00's for a while.

I actually moved that purple waffle moments after the photo haha :lol:

I dont want it to be super planted but might throw in a few more, anyone think

that would be too much? without DIY c02 that is.

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haha yeah, either let the plants grow out a bit or add a couple more plants? so its not as "open" but not heavily planted either.

co2 isnt really necessary with this amount of plants but a growth additive would be good, have you heard of dino pee or spit? (im being serious, thats what its called haha).

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