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tank for pep breeders

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hey all,

just wondering if u think it would be ok to have 2 pairs (2m 2f) in a 780 x 350 x 350 tank with 3 clay logs and a hollow driftwood log around 15cm long and another small peice of driftwood?

do you think they will fight?

am i best to seperate the tank somehow?

thanks all

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i have 3 pairs in a 3ft by 18 by 18 tank.

i would only have 2 logs otherwise females will sit in the logs and hide.

dunno if it matters but i always get the impression that if they are hiding they are less likely to mate.

oh ok, i thuoght that if i added another log it would lessen the chances of the males fighting for territory, i have 2 logs in my other tank with 1m 1f and they are on their second lot of eggs in 2 weeks.

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