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Hi im a 1 month old newbie

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Joined start of August, Have found this an awsome forum to be a member of. Lots of great stuff for sale and great pics/advice and what not.

Ive got 8 tanks at the moment in my 3 bedroom unit. My place can sound like a giant fridge at night, but the sweet humming helps me sleep :soppy:

Fish I have are:

30cm Red devil

30cm Common pleco

flowerhorn colony of 5


1x golden flowerhorn and kamfa breeding pair

pair of adult pearsei

25cm green terror

25cm albino sailfin gibby

15cm albino bristlenose

3x siamese algae eaters

3x glass catfish

3x serpae tetra

1x small sailfin pleco

1x medium sailfin pleco

1x khuli loach

18x neon tetra

a large striped angel

a small white angel

a large red spotted gourami

a large blue gourami

7x orange platties

2x blue crayfish

1x large goldfish

50+ fantail guppies

3 johanni

2 red zebs

1 red peacock

and last but not least a white crown-tail siamese fighter

Am still wanting more too....

Thats all from me :fish::fish::fish:

btw would like to know which other members are in my local area near Wynnum

thanx Jessica :hammy:

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