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Hi all my name is Gary /Gaz /Gazza

I stumbled on this site while looking for some gear for a new set up I'm planning (175 gal) :)

My current set up is a 4ft (55 gal) with a 3ft sump underneath but my 2 babies are growing.

1x 5-6" Oscar

1x 7-8" Pleco

they need room to grow :ewink:

so I'm looking forward to doing some reading ,posting and trading

Cheers Gaz

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Welcome to the forum Gazza.

bill5957 how do you know Gary isn't in Riverview NSW and is further south than most QLD'ers feel comfortable with. Or even from Riverview Florida, which is in the northern Hemisphere. There are a couple of plausible reasons why Gary might use imperial measurements, one being that he's another yank who has found our little forum, or like a few other people on here, Gary may be old enough to want to forget his birthday and was educated when imperial measurements were the norm.

However I would lean towards the USA (no, not really, i'm just being pedantic now) in this case as a 55 gallon tank is a standard USA reference. After all USA gallons are smaller than Imperial gallons. Just another example of the USA trying to make something sound larger than it really is.

Now Gazza, I'm curious as to the dimensions of your 175 gallon tank, as a 6x2x2 is commonly refered to as a 180 gallon tank.

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