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How to put Mangrove Jack onto pellets???

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King Leonidas? Why bother with the pellets? Just chuck in some Persians :lol::lol:

Seriously though, being such a young-un, he should start chomping the pellets once he gets hungry enough (as long as they are not too large for him). Patience Grasshopper... and congrats on such a great fish!


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In my experience there are a couple of tips that really help wean pred-fish onto pellets.

The first and most common is don't feed them for a couple of days, Hungry fish tend to be less picky, which is sometimes all it takes, but for the really picky fish.

I like to put a live fish in the tank, either a very small one so he is still hungry afterwards, or put a larger feeder ie gold fish in a net and hold it in the tank so it cant be eaten.

Sensing live fish in the water puts them in feeding or hunting mode, so drop a couple of pellets in the water when he starts lookin for food, this might still take a couple of goes and you should be fishing out uneaten food if possible as it is just unnecessary waste for your filter to deal with, and he wont go straight to pellets, once he starts taking them you will still need to feed a mix of livies and pellets, slowly weaning him off live fish still means feeding live fish as well as pellets.

Another thing that helps is "training" your fish to know when its feeding time, either tap on the glass or lids/water surface before and during feeding time (obviously still live fish) after a few days tapping on the glass will have the same effect as a live fish in the water. He will come up looking for food.

Hope that helps


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