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Fish Breeders

Breeder set up >> Last of my gear<<< make a quick $$$

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hi guys

Hear is the last section of my breeding room for sale. All other tanks and drums are sold to people who just came to buy fish.

Basically you get


3 x 1000liter drums

3 x 4ft tanks (i think the are 4x 18 x 20)

All Taps and fittings including huge 50mm bulkheads to link all drums together

also includes all strainers including the 50mm stainless to separate drums

This system is all plumbed together and only requires 1 little pump to run the whole system



$650 The lot (ready to go)

I will also give the buyer the 6ft L shaped sump for FREE

Please note the sump is free as it still works a treat but has been repaied a few times. The sump includes all media (heaps) and 2 entry points. It also includes a drain as well as bulkheads. Also included in the sump is a automatic top up valve..

this sump has been used to filter my entire system. PLEASE NOTE the pump is not included


Buyer is responsible for removal and pick up of all gear (bring a friend or 2)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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