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Bristle-less male bristlenose or log hogging female

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Ok I'm confused.

I brought two great girls from a well trusted friend, totally hairless, nice and plump. Added two girls to my lonesome male. One hid in a log, never to be seen again. The other doing a dance in the log with the boy... yippy :D .... until we realised they were actually fighting. :( Separated them and put the male in another tank. The girls were left in a tank with a few juvi's.

We just decided to give them another go together but with a bigger log so the girl couldn't get cornered again.

This is the interesting part.... the girl that hid never to be seen has wigglers in the log 8O8O8O8O Any IT ain't leave that log!

Can a male have no bristles??????

We are dumbfounded!!!! These two couldn't look anymore like girls. And I am pretty sure we could see the eggs in this girl. Could a juvi male (one or two bristles) been involved with an older woman and done the runner???

There is one little guy that's always around but it's only about 5cm. Would a female take over caring for the eggs???

Any Ideas???

Oh.. yeah I forgot to add....... WE HAVE BABIES!!!!!! First time in ages.

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Hey Guys

Bout time you had some luck and finally had some fry (even if weird!!!)

I have had BNs breed at 5cm, put 4 3cm fry in a tank in my bedroom, couple of months later woke up, looked at the tank an paniced trying to work out what was going on with the tank, the front glass was covered in fry, tha the BN were only just 5cm.

Those 2 girls looked very ready to go, not surprised they would breed with anything!!!!

Good luck and hope it keeps going for you


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Thanks Matt

Well it's given us something to think about. Just very strange, roll reversal, maybe the male got his hands on some equal opportunity books :lol: OR maybe she's gender confused :lol:

oh well, at least there's some babies around again.... hopefully they grow nice and strong.

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Well the female left the log and we are left with two babies :( . Don't know what happened but oh well that the fun of fish keeping.

I am sure its a girl just sitting with the babies, I have no idea of the dad. I think she may have eaten them cause she never ate any other food. We saw heaps of wigglers at the end of the log before.

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