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Fluval 405

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Bought myself a Fluval 405 canister filter yesterday and I gotta say:- WOW

The first impression I had when putting it together was that it was a very well constructed setup, certainly light years ahead of the AquaPro I'm currently running. Then once it had been up and running for a few hours I couldn't believe how clear my water had become.

I've got it running in conjunction with the AquaPro on my 4 ft tank (250l), and a power filter. So I think the tank is being cycled 10 times an hour or thereabouts.

Originally I was planning on running it like that for a week or so to get bacteria etc sorted out, and then switching the AquaPro over to my 3 ft tank (160l), but now I'm thinking I might just leave it as is and get another one for the other tank instead.

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