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motoro ray!

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heyy guys,

alrighty so ive always loved freshwater rays and have decided i want to get some,

so basically id love an info i can get on them the what to and not to do based on previous experience's know these guys can have a pretty hefty price tag(welll for a teenager anyway) i really dont want to loose one.

things id like to know about!

filtration, water paramiters, substartes( i know they need sand but one that doesnt raise ph), feeding tank sizes.

any info would be great thanks guys!

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they are pretty cheap these days the price has come down heaps

grab one of shane r thats where i got my one from and chat to him about it he really knows his stuff when it

comes to rays


they arent to fussy but your gonna need a big tank, good filtration and the usual know how

drop me a PM if you have any other questions more than happy to help

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