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Selling at Auction Questions

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Ok I'm Debating on selling a few fish at the auction...But I have a few questions if anyone can help.. I understand the bagging and labelling processes etc.

1) After your lot has sold when do you get the cash? I wont be staying for the entire duration due to proir commitments..

2) What is the percentage kept buy the auctioneers?

Thanks for help everyone and if you have more info to add to these questions please as Im sure there is more interest out there for other people on the fence about selling.

Matt :roll:

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After your fish are sold, If you go and see Greg Ure I'm sure he will pay you then (saves him doing it at the end), but remember that if our fish are in late they won't be auctioned till late, and if there is any passins they are kept and bought up at end again. ( you can ask for this not to happen.)

The other option is that you could probably sign the bottom of the form, stating that you want someone else that you nominate to collect your money.

Pretty sure there is a 20% commission.


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