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somewhat newbie :P

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:fish:hi all... my name is Bree, but I'm known on the interwebs as DeBree420... I'm sure a few of you already know who I am...

I work Mon to Fri at Pet City and have been there for 3 or so years now... some of you may have known me as the girl with pink hair, a title I have since handed over to my wonderful friend Rose...

I keep a few random fish... my Passion lies mainly with the large Americans and catfish... my biggest tank is an 8ft with fenestratum (normals and marbles) and a pair of snook (petinia splendida) and silver sharks

I am dead against dyed and GM fish for cruelty and lack of scientific research reasons respectively but I have no problem with hybrids AS LONG as they are always put to people as what they really are... I hate people who try to pass off a hybrid as a pure something... that said my most attached fish is a synspillum blackbelt hybrid and she is an awesome fish

I am terrible with names and need to meet people 4 or 5 times before I hopefully remember you... so if I have no idea who you are, don't be cut cos its me not you :sweatdrop:

loving the auctions and I hope to make a few more friends/connections... I'm also into birds and have a few that I breed and handraise (sp?) At any rate I am usually willing to chat about fish and birds and also colour genetics involved

So that's me... :boggle: hope to chat with you all soon

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