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Graham CLJ

Macro-porous synthetic polymer

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Hello all

I will have ready for sale in about a week ( the product is coming from America) a macro-porous synthetic polymer that is functional on Quarternary Ammonium, which means it removes nitrogenous wastes which cause nitrates and nitrites.

It's physical appearance is exactly what you are used to from other products, and it works in the same way.

It can be recharged with a 6% solution of salt for use in fresh water or recharged with bleach for use with Africans or marine fish.

I will have an add on to this product and that will be a resin that will remove hydrated lime from town water, this can be used separately or in conjunction with the creme macro-porous resin, both for use in freshwater, can be recharged with salt at 6%.

If you Pm me I can direct you to the shops that will stock it.

Regards Graham

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