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Setting up a breeding setup

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hello, a mate and I are setting up a breeding setup thingo, just wanna know a few things b4 i start setting up, we have 4x 2ft tanks and going to get a 4ft sump would that be good enough for them 4 tanks ? if i am going to get a sump for it how many bulkheads will i need to get? where do i get them from? how much? would it be possible to put like bulkheads on the bottom of the tanks so the top tanks flow into the tanks below then into the sump ? or just at the back of the tanks and plumb it so they connect and go to the sump that way? oh and then the return pump just make 2 spray bars? thanks alex

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wow theres too many questions in that one item to make much sense of it but ill try

yes you can drain the top tank into the bottom and so on and then just pump water back to top tank

most people prefer holes in the back of the tank rather than the bottom this means a leak will not cause sooo much drama

bulk heads you need one for each tank you can buy from most irrigation shops theres one at rocklea and one at moss street not hard to find

yes a four foot tank is heaps for 4x2 foots to be honest you could probably run up to maybe 10-20 2footers on a sump like that subject to media return pump and stocking levels and types of fish kept

the returns can be as simple as a flexible sprinkler type hose with a tap on it

thats a few things can i recommend one piece of advice

find a local who is using a good sump get friendly with em and go look take photos and ask a 1000 questions


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Here are some questions you should ask yourself before doing anything.

Do all the fish I want to keep need the same water parameters?

Do I really need a sump?

Or would the 4 footer be better used to grow out fry?

Can you quarantine/isolate any or all the tanks on the system?

If the water flows down progressively through all the tanks then into the sump, you will have last tanks being filled with increasingly dirtier water. This would mean you are trying to keep, breed and grow your fish in the most toxic water on the system.


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This thread has been tidied up a little and some irrelevant posts removed (and their replies). Some great advice given above - always keen to hear members share their their thoughts on topics like this.


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