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Brisbane auction roundup

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It was a big one, must have been 150+ people at one stage and they still had 40 boxes (lots) to get thru at 10pm.

How did everyone fair?

I got myself an alright looking Afra Cobue, nice big size for $12.

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Well I brought the wife to this one and she bought plants..lol

I picked up 12 humpheads to start a colony but fairly slow night for me on the buying front. Had to leave early so missed at least 50 -60 boxes but all in all seemed to be a great success with canteen running out of food, not a whole lot being turned in. Thanx to the all the volenteers and organizers for what proved to be a great event. Hopefully they will have another sooner rather than later considering the turn out.


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It was a huge selling night last night and the last bags were sold at around 1.15am.

I got a breeding pair of peppermints for $130 and 2 pair of Kingseizie for $16 and a large new tank cleaning magnet of $6.

Thanks to all the organisers and helpers for a great night.

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Well i bought 2 bumble bee catfish for $26

3 little peppermint bn's for $42

5 Empire gudgeons for $16

3 little texas cichlids for $12

4 little firemouth cichlids for $12

Pair of Cockatoo cichlids for $20

A siamese fighter for a my girl friend

2 not so good pieces of driftwood

Tons of plants

And yes if anyone could here the very loud baby on the far left side of the stage as u looked at it then yes that is my daughter :)

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There was a few bargins at the end.

Main one I remember was demonsi going for $3... 8O

I crawled into bed about 3:15 this morning after I put my purchases away.

Sold all my fish bar 2 bags of Flameback.

Managed to cover $$$ what I bought to what I sold, Which is always good.

It was a good night.


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the best part of the auctions i think is catching up with everyone and putting names to faces. have to say sorry again to pete. i did see you but you were talking to lance and bren (so i have been informed lol) so i didn't disturb you guys.

i was a good girl and didn't buy any fish at all for a change! i was too broke. couldn't even afford guppies last night lol. oh well, next time i'll be prepared!!!

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for anyone who stayed to the end-was there any baragains at the end?

I stayed till 11.30pm when they said they still had 38 boxes to go. But the bargin of the night for me was the two Peppermint Bristlenose that went for $20! 8O

I think everyone ran out of money by that stage 'cause earlier they were going for some alright money - kicking myself I didn't just grab them!

As a Lake Malawi fishkeeper I'm sure some would agree not much there for most of the night, unless they all come up in those last 38 boxes?

I even took a vague interest in the different types of Siamese Fighters at one point for Chrisake!!

Even the amount of Elec Yellows and Blues didn't seems as thick on the ground as normal. The odd Hongi, some Maingano, but certainly a quiet night for the Malawi - someone's gotta tell me if any more came up towards the end.

Also didn't help they spent a good part of the first hour auctioning plants, old magazines, driftwood and filter media. It even brought an applause when they finally announced the first bag of fish!

However still a good night. Great to see a big turn out and catch up with a couple of people. I'm sure QFAS had a good turnover of cash. 8)

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haha yes the $3 demasoni went to me!

not worth a cent more tho! bars were horrible... missing/crooked/joined like the other largers ones they had(and no, they arent the ones i curently have for auction) prob why they didnt have a reserve!

defianlty going to sit front row next auction too, save me geting up every 15 minutes

yep was more malawi:flavus,yellows, blues, hongi, pulu points, marbled &common dim comps, tonnes of flamebacks, demasoni, aand tonnes of endlers!!!!!

almost fell asleep during the 10-11 section with wood/plants/electrical and books!!

but overall i was very impressed for my 1st time, defiantly goign to take sume fish to sell next time some prices people were paying were very high for common stuff.

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I should point out Benni, last night's auction was a big, BIG turnout.

I've been to about half dozen in the last four years and the ones with smaller crowds weren't paying anywhere near the prices they were getting last night. In fact I thought it unusual there weren't a few more pass-ins, as there has been plenty in the past.

A sure sign of a pumping auction, as was last night, is when the hands shoot up straight away, whereas in past auctions it's just been dead, everyone is just "looking", no hands go up and if they do it's only two or there bidders have two or three bids and the fish is sold for very, very cheaply.

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You know it is a big night when they dont go through the pass-ins. Was great to see heeps of people there was worried I would have to bring home left over food from the canteen but we had to run out at get pizza in the end lmao. I spent 5 hours on my feet in the canteen then 5 hours on my butt scribing :? . Don't know what hurt more my feet or my butt lmao. Well i spent up but in the first 5 hours i only managed to spend $3 on 3 small bits of drift wood for my java furn I have at home but that all changed once I got on the stage. My hubby David and I spent about $274 all up. David got the 2 pepps for $20 not to bad a size. That was all he got. I got

1 bundle of book's

5 Acei Ngara

4 small pepps

1 breeding pair of orange spots

1 otto filter

1 large gravel vacume

1 150g container of white crain (gonna use it for my display tank)

1 Julidichromis marlieri (looks awesome)

and last of all

1 male yellow Torphyop

I am very happy with the quality of the fish comming through. There are some great breeders out there.

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If the fish, plant or what ever does not sell the first time it gets passed-in and normaly comes up again after they have gone through everything for the first time. Sometimes they go through up to 3 times before they give up. We didn't even get all the lots sold. On guy came up and just took his fish home cause we would of been there till after 2am.

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Pass ins are fish that arn't bid on

I stayed till the end

I got 4 albino cats 12$ they where just 3 cms

I got 3 chitandies 12$ and 4 kingsizies 12 they where the last fish sold 4 the nite

Had a good nite wasn't going to get any thing but some Bns but U just carn't help ya self when there so cheep lol

Thanks once again to the people that make this all happen

They did a dam good job again


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well you know when ya get really drunk......ya pass out, well its the opposite to that........lol.

no what it means is if the price being bid on the fish doesnt get to the reserve price, and no one whats to go any higher it gets passed in....


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Hey guys,

Were there any/many SA eartheaters, Geophagus, and also apistogrammas?

Man... L104!!! were there any other L numbers for sale?

Just couldn't drag myself along as I closed the pub friday night and didn't get out of bed untill 3pm Sat, then spent the afternoon cleaning my tanks and doing water changes.

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